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Sharing stories that illuminate the connections between the roots and fruits of the Spirit

Aaron Thier, author
Posted on Monday, March 27, '17
Storytelling is a vital skill to have when talking about climate change. Through his new climate change-themed book Mr. Eternity, Aaron Thier takes readers on a 1,000 year odyssey. The main character calls himself Daniel Defoe. We never learn his real name. Old Dan can't seem to die. Five different narrators in five different periods from 1500 to 2500 bump into this traveler. Aaron talks about the novel and reads excerpts. Also, poet and environmentalist, Clara Fang, reads her poem, Love in the Time of Climate Change.
Posted on Sunday, March 26, '17
A vital part of improving the world is organizing people by getting the word out, which is the work of The Progressive Populist and its editior/founder, Jim Cullen.
Brian Miller
Posted on Sunday, March 26, '17
Brian Miller has a great passion for the Irish music and traditional songs of Great Lakes workers. He knows the legends, people, & places, to a science, steeped in art. Raised in Northern Minnesota, enriched & deepened in Ireland and other lands, Brian plies his trade from St Paul, MN. Check out his TheLostForty.com collection recordings from 1924.