A Great Thank You on Thanksgiving


Dear Friends,

I'm feeling gratitude on this Thanksgiving Day 2017, so I wanted to let you know.

In some ways this has been a difficult year, especially dealing with my wife's struggle with cancer. I'm so very grateful that she is now 3 months into successful remission. Of course, just a week after she finished her final round of chemotherapy, I developed a problem with my right leg, taking me to the emergency room a couple of times for a problem that's not completely healed, but which is much better.

But in the midst of these personal challenges Northern Spirit Radio has continued to thrive, and this has been possible only because of so much help from staff and volunteers, Andrew and Katharine, and the other members of our board of directors. I believe our programming would have definitely suffered without their generous and industrious support.

And we've not only maintained, we're grown, now up to 33 stations carrying our programs in 17 states! There have been more and more programs, from all over the country and many places outside the USA. You'll see that our website is better and better, and you'll note, when you visit, the music of Paul Tinkerhess available for purchase and download. We've also been awarded a grant to enhance our programming with respect to Islam, which is a wonderful opportunity and enrichment. There's more, but this is enough for the moment.

Every week we get to speak to people enriching and blessing the world through their service and music, and we get to help their message reach more ears and hearts. 

My heart is full, and I thank you for listening and being part of it.