Donation & Membership

Support Northern Spirit Radio programming with a basic donation or various levels of membership. See the options below. There are awards connected with all membership levels which are cumulative with those of lower levels. If you do not wish to receive any of the rewards connected with your donation, please let us know that you want to "opt out" of the reward(s). All donors, unless they request otherwise, will receive recognition on the Northern Spirit Radio website.

Basic Members will receive a nifty refrigerator magnet, Activists will add the NSR tote-bag to their awards, Sustainers will add an NSR t-shirt, Song Bringers will also have a show dedicated to them or the person of their choice, Spirit Helpers will be invited to sit in on and either host or co-host an NSR episode (plus all the other stuff), and World Healers, a perpetual status, will get everything else plus a plaque recognizing their enduring support.

The first option allows you to make any donation multiple of $5.

And your non-monetary support of all sorts is deeply appreciated.

Title Pricesort descending Body
Set Your Own Donation $5.00

Set Your Own Donation (multiple of $5)

Student member $30.00

Membership discounted for students.

Basic Member $60.00

Basic annual membership, refrigerator magnet, annual membership invitation

Activist $120.00

Activist-level membership, includes the NSR fridge magnet and your choice of an NSR tote-bag to...

Sustainer $240.00

Sustainers give us staying power! At this level, you get all the swag:...

Song Bringer $480.00

You put a song or topic in the hearts of our listeners, with a show dedicated to you or the...

Spirit Helper $1,200.00

Join us as a co-host or assistant for an NSR interview, and all the other stuff!

World Healer $4,800.00

Your generous contribution of $4,800.00 guarantees your World Healer status with us forever. In...