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  • Reply to: Manifestive: Musical Food for the Community Table   1 month 23 hours ago

    "General Source Of Radiant Light: Sue Orfield" - That's EXACTLY perfect. She needs that on her business cards. That's Sue to a T.
    Thank you for sharing your truth about the difficult aspects of this season, Brian Bethke.
    Beautiful and empowering words, Kai.
    Peter Phippen you make me smile.
    Mark has a talent for getting to one's heart in interviews.

  • Reply to: Star by Moon   1 month 5 days ago

    The interview sounds fabulous. I just listened to it and it's such a great, spiritual conversation to listen to. I also really like your intro song "Song of the soul".

  • Reply to: Sleuthing Sexual Abuse With Spirit   1 month 6 days ago

    I have read St. Mary's Private Dancer, and while listening to this broadcast, I found the comments about the timing of the book and the public discourse 'on target'. There are times when subject matter that has lain submerged in darkness must explode onto the public forum. Various trigger events converge over a short time span so that first voice that speaks in protest gives permission to the many others that have been held back either by fear of recrimination, or by embedded social practices that are unjust. The hope of myself and others committed to accomplishing justice is that the current outburst of 'me too' testimonies will be enough to tip the balance of public understanding and anger to the point that the offensive 'good old boy' practices will be withered away.

  • Reply to: Rolling Wheelchair Blues - Mike Hamer's Song of the Soul   1 month 1 week ago

    In case you haven't heard, Mike Hamer passed away today.

    RIP: He was one of the good'ns.

    Take care,

    Flash in Durham, NC

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    Thank you for your interviews. It is the perfect antidote to this Trump virus.