Ain't I A Woman - Kim Harris' Song of the Soul


Kim Harris

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Kim Harris and her husband, Reggie, have been conveying passion, history, and spirit through great music for decades. In addition to the folk venues and schools where they've performed and taught, Kim has added learning & teaching as part of the degree she's poised to receive from Union Theological Seminary in NYC.

All the songs in this program are performed by Kim & Reggie Harris, unless otherwise indicated:

Let Us Break Bread Together On Our Knees from Steal Away
Ain't I A Woman from Steal Away
I'm On My Way (Let My People Go) featuring Rabbi Jonathan Kligler with Kim & Reggie Harris
Spoken In Love from Simplicity

BONUS TRACK - in Excerpts
Short Shift At Ground Zero - from Simplicity


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Mark, Thanks for the

Mark, Thanks for the wonderful way that you took my many, many words and wove them into a wonderful program. Peace and joy!

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