Books to Heal the World - Buddha's Wife and Quaking


Gabriel Constans
Kathryn Erskine

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Gabriel Constans is a free lance writer whose newest book is Buddha's Wife, a book that explores different approaches to compassion and the role of women in Buddhism (and much more). Kathryn Erskine is the author of Quaking, set in a post 9-11 community where people have to wrestle with the promise and demons of peace-making in a fearful, war-eager, world, seen through the eyes of a troubled teen.

Both Gabriel Constans and Kathryn Erskine have other books on a variety of topics. They are united in their dedication to addressing subjects to stimulate reflection and attempt to heal the world.


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I just posted a comment but

I just posted a comment but forgot to also tell you that I immediately bought Quaking for myself and my daughters...can't wait to read it....

Hey mark another great

Hey mark another great program. it's great to see you evolve as an interviewer and to listen to such comforatable and insightful dialog. you always were good (< : hasta manana damian

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