Fit For Freedom, Not For Friendship - Donna McDaniel and Vanessa Julye


Donna McDaniel
Vanessa Julye

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picture of book titled "Fit for freedom not for friendship"

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A visit with Donna McDaniel & Vanessa Julye, co-authors of Fit for Freedom, Not for Friendship: Quakers, African Americans and the Myth of Racial Justice. Donna & Vanessa did in-depth work to uncover truth and debunk the myths, showing that for all the good that Quakers did opposing slavery, they were very susceptible to continuing racism in their actions and relationships. The goal? Peel back the layers so we can cure the ills and help the world to wholeness.


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Very helpful to know more

Very helpful to know more about this work. The interview prompts me to read Fit for Freedom and to learn more.

I am an English Friend based

I am an English Friend based in the UK. I am reading this book at the moment. Its great that Donna and Vanessa have done all the work to get this VERY important book out there. I have always been suspicious of the holier than thou attitude that crops up again and again among Friends. Recently I suggested we get a copy of this book for our Quaker meeting library but was told it was not an appropriate book as it was about American Friends. I reminded people that most early Friends who went to the US were English! It is our history too. Having attended Meetings in the US, I have found little difference in attitudes among white Friends regarding reasons why Black people are not among us or are so few. The same goes for working class people. The patterns described are the same or very similar as described in the book. This work will serve the cause of anti racist Friends in the UK as much as in the US. It is a very very important myth buster...Your interview was very good. Thank you for your inspiration. I will definitely stay tuned from afar.

Of course, I think it's "best

Of course, I think it's "best" because I'm one of those interviewed. I do want to thank Mark for asking great questions and, best of all, leaving time enough to answer them without having to talk as fast as possible! To have such time is a gift and it produced a very fair and full program about our work. Thank you, Mark, and those who spend the time listening.

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