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Matt Watroba

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Matt Watroba

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Matt Watroba has been deeply immersed in folk music since 9th grade, including hosting the Folks Like Us show on WDET in Detroit and Folk Alley on WKSU at Kent State University, for a combined 26 years or so. With more than 3 decades performing, Matt is a master of the folk music genre, both as a performer and as a leader of group singing.

All the songs in this program are performed by Matt Watroba, and are written by Matt, unless otherwise indicated:
Peace Will Come - by Tom Paxton, from Matt Watroba Live At The Ark
Wild Morning Glory - from Shine Right Through the Dark
The Saint of Warren Avenue - from Shine Right Through the Dark
They Used to Play Baseball Here - from Shine Right Through the Dark
When You Think You're Alone - from Jukebox Folk
Passin' Through - by Dick Blakeslee, from Matt Watroba Live At The Ark
How Will I Leave - from Jukebox Folk


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Enjoyable interview!

Matt Witroba has a ringing tenor voice similar to Peter Yarrow, and the folksy singalong words and music of Fred Small. Thanks for the interview, Mark!

Folk Alley

Folk Alley is the sound track of our home and life. Always enjoy Matt and appreciated a chance to hear him as a performer. Good one Mark.

An iPod staple

This interview is a staple on my iPod.

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