George Fox's Breakthrough


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George Fox

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When at wit's end, George Fox found one that could "speak to his condition".

From The Journal of George Fox.
Background music: "Immortal Love" by Mathilda Navias.


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Thank you, thank you for these words...

Thank you, thank you for these words that so speak to my heart. It is so comforting to hear a man speak the Truth I have found. I will look for this book now. Okay, so looking a little further I see that this program is produced by a Quaker faith group. I have been wondering where if anywhere there is for me to belong that would support this very private path I am on. Perhaps, the Quaker friends are just whom I have been looking for as a supportive community. Blessings, Debra Clemente

Through this medium you may touch many...

I would not want to rate your show, as I have only listened this time; however, i applaud the intent of your program. Through this medium you may touch many that we in the clergy do not reach in the church.

I got more out of hearing this quote than I ever did ...

This is the first I've heard, so can't rate anything. But I'm grateful for your doing this. I believe I got more out of hearing this quote than I ever did from reading it.

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