I Learned It In Sunday School - Andy Murray's Song of the Soul


Andy Murray

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Andy Murray

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Andy Murray's music has been featured regularly on our Spirit In Action program because his music is steeped in a combination of deep spirit and healing work for the world. Andy has long worked as a teacher of Peace and Conflict studies at Juniata College in Pennsylvania. With a singer/songwriter sideline that has spanned 3 plus decades, Andy has created a lot of wonderful music, much of it originating with his lifelong faith as a member of the Church of the Brethren, one of the historic peace churches.

All the songs in this program are performed by Andy Murray:

Sally's Song   Next Stop
One Person At A Time   Keep On Passing On
Travelers   Next Stop
Goodbye Still Night   Keep On Passing On
I Learned It In Sunday School   Next Stop



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A great program. I stumbled

A great program. I stumbled on to it by "googling" Andy Murray to see if he had any songs recorded for the internet and found this web-site. I have known Andy and Terry for over over 30 years. I also play the guitar and learned to play in grade school, listened to a lot of Chet Atkins records, and also classical guitarist, Segovia. I'll need to tie into NSR again!

I've always enjoyed Andy and

I've always enjoyed Andy and Terry Murray. I enjoyed the interview and the songs. Thanks.

Thank-you for pressing him to

Thank-you for pressing him to release his music again. I would love to have Cd's of his work. He and Terry have a great message. I was also surprised that he said that his students didn't know he was a musician. He needs to let his light shine. I happened to be looking for Andy Murray music tonight. My aunt Phyllis Miller died today and his song for his aunt was very touching. He has a gift. Thanks again.

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