Jesus Made Me a Communist


Charley Earp

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Charley Earp

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Charley Earp is honestly devoted to the religiously-inspired communism of his youth, without apology or irony. With insights into the true origins and meanings of communism, and nurtured by a deep, though unorthodox, religious path, including years as part of the Reba Place Fellowship, and he writes several blogs, including, and

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I've Been Kissed By a Communist - by Charlie King & Martha Leader

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Nice interview

Nice interview. I always wondered what would have happened if Karl Marx has said that communism was the Christ like thing to do. He probably would have been ignored and forgotten. Something I always heard about communal living is that the only ones that survive were the ones that have a spiritual foundation.

Happiest Communist

I still get a kick out of being called "the happiest communist" Mark had ever spoken with. Y'all, it's all about LOVE. #CommiePreacher

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