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John Lamoreau

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John Lamoreau has a Master of Arts in Peace Studies and is the co-author ofWaging Peace: A Study In Biblical Pacifism, written 26 years ago with about 25 reprintings since then. John is an Evangelical Friend/Quaker, with deep concern for faithfulness to Jesus and to the life Jesus directed that we live. He has the peculiar distiction of being perhaps the only avowed pacifist to be endorsed by the National Rifle Association. He now has a web site The Jesus Gospel highlighting his concern for a faithful Christianity.

John is an Oregon Republican, something a bit different from Republicans in different states. He is thoroughly pro-life, in terms of abortion, war and capital punishment. He is gentle, thoughtful, and incisive Christian - soon looking for a job as the "pacifist smear" against him narrowly cost him his position as county commissioner.

He has also co-authored a couple of other peace-related writings, including a contribution for the Handbook on Military Taxes and Conscience. He is happy to communicate with all who would like to dialog on this issue and you can reach him via his email address.

Music featured on this program includes:

Not In My Name - John McCutcheon
We Are One In The Spirit - Contemporary Sunday Worship - Peter Scholte


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