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Jennifer Evans

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Jennifer Evans

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Jennifer Evans is the real folk deal. Covering traditional folk songs & adding songs composed by her brother, Griff Evans, Jennifer finger picks the tender chords of your heart. With decades of experience, she is late to emerge from the shadow of her day job to warm our souls with real, authentic, & skillful songs of the human condition.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:
I Ching, Non-affiliated 

All songs in this program are written by Griff Evans & performed by Jennifer Evans on Jennifer's CD, The Last Cheap Hotel:
There But For Fortune
Cheatin' Kind
I Missed Her
The Last Cheap Hotel
What Do You Hear?
Sleep Young One

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A fan in Oregon

You present a very impressive program, sir, and you were very kind to Jennifer which is much appreciated. I'll be a dedicated listener from now on. The only DJ I've heard that was in your league was Dick Pleasants out of Boston. WGBH I think. He's been retired for some years and has contracted Parkinson's Disease. Just wondered if you've ever heard of him. But I digress. Again, thanks for taking a chance on us and keep up the fine work, and you've got a fan in Oregon.
Best Griff Evans

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