Loren Cobb: Part 2 - Quaker Economist, The Decline of War


Loren Cobb

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Loren Cobb

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Loren Cobb has an exciting and unusual job. As Aetheling International Consultants he facilitates NationLab, a simulation game helping countries of this hemisphere experience and plan for social, economic and political developments. Loren, a Quaker pacifist and mathematical sociologist, works alongside with the military to strengthen our neighbors, and keep the peace.  

But that is only one of the roles that Loren lives out. One of his other hats is that of editor of The Quaker Economist which is self-proclaimed as "a free electronic journal devoted to examining worldwide economic, social, and political problems as if people matter". In a recent edition, for example, Loren wrote about some intriguing extrapolations about the trend in violence over human history. Loren also mentions the relationship between trauma and militarism in his essay Speaking Truth to Trauma.

Another reference in this interview is to The Human Security Brief 2006.

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How Can I Keep From Singing - Enya



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