Paddle for the Planet


David Abazs

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map of route taken by canoe across Minnesota

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David Abazs is a moving force behind Paddle for the Planet, a 500-mile canoe trip from the headwaters of the Mississippi River to the Twin Cities where it concludes with River Rally between St Cloud and St Paul, MN, May 20-23, 2010 when everyone is invited to join in.

David has worked and taught at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning CenterNorth House Folk School, and his and Lise's own Round River Farm and will be leading the Paddle for the Planet accompanied by staff & students of Scattergood Friends School.

Music featured in this program:
River Gonna Carry Me - John McCutcheon & Tom Chapin
Crossing The Water - Bill Staines


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Love hearing how people are

Love hearing how people are making a difference on the planet. David is an innovator and I look forward to hearing more while they take their trip. Good interviewer! 

I may be prejudiced, since

I may be prejudiced, since Lise Abazs is my niece. I liked David the moment I met him, and found the boys (as quite young ones, when I saw them) to be unusually nice, and talented. This interview kept me listening to the end. Well done! What great work that family has been doing for 20 years - puts the rest of us to shame.

outstanding lives and program

outstanding lives and program ! I'm forwarding it to Jim, kate, my friends at the 60th parallel (< : and others..... good work mon

Appreciate that efforts like

Appreciate that efforts like this are being showcased to inspire the rest of us to make a difference. Thanks for your positive news reporting!

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