Pete Seeger's Last Songs


Emma's Revolution
Sally Rogers
Charlie King
Annie Patterson
Peter Blood

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Pat Humphries of Emma's Revolution was at Pete Seeger's bedside as he died, singing to him. Pat and Sandy O of Emma's Revolution, along with Sally RogersCharlie KingAnnie Patterson, and Peter Blood, join in the post-intermission part of a concert to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Pete Seeger's birth, held April 27th in Northampton, MA, at the Unitarian Society, as a benefit for Climate Action Now MA, part of a wealth of events for the 100th anniversary.

Featured Music:
Midnight Special - traditional song, led by Annie Patterson
Get Up And Go - lyrics by Homer A. Shiveley, tune by Pete Seeger, led by Charlie King
Precious Friend - by Pete Seeger, led by Charlie King
How Can I Keep From Singing - by Robert Wadsworth Lowry & Doris Plenn, led by Sally Rogers
Love Call Me Home - by Peggy Seeger, led by Sally Rogers
Sailing Down The Golden River - by Pete Seeger, led by Sally Rogers
Old Devil Time - by Pete Seeger, led by Emma's Revolution
Well May The World Go - by Pete Seeger, led by Annie Patterson
To My Old Brown Earth - by Pete Seeger, led by Emma's Revolution
The River Is Wide - traditional Scottish song popularized by Pete Seeger

Bonus Excerpt Songs:
Which Side Are You On - written by Florence Reece, led by Emma's Revolution
All Messed Up - 
This Land Is Your Land - by Woody Guthrie


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