Practical Peacemaking Through Mediation - The Mediator's Handbook


Jenny Beer

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Jenny Beer

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Mediation is an art of practical peacemaking. Jennifer Beer, is co-author of the 4th edition of the The Mediator's Handbook, a skilled mediator and teacher of mediation, including teaching negotiation at Wharton. She has a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology.



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I'm not sure about the

I'm not sure about the question, Jo, but I'll take a stab at it. Would mediation work for the Irish? I think the answer is that it has, that a good part of what has facilitated the slow, even painful, progress toward a resolution of the English/Irish/Northern Ireland dispute has been mediation techniques, with some methods and tools that are specific to that kind of conflict, as Jenny discussed. Non-mediation techniques, used by both sides, like war and bombings and imposed decisions by one side or the other, have mainly aggrevated the tensions. There is so much more we have to learn about peace and working things out, but mediation is definitely helping us on our way.

I heard the program, or most

I heard the program, or most of it, on Sunday morning. Very good. Would it work for Irish people?

I went to a 40 hour mediation

I went to a 40 hour mediation training this past summer and bought that book from the trainers. I hadn't thought about it ahead of time, but as soon as the training started I realized that it was peacemaking. One thing I noticed about the tools that are taught is that different forms of love are used such as gratitude, empathy, acceptance, patience and not judging, persuading or making decisions for them. Thanks for bringing Jennifer to us.

It is clear from this

It is clear from this interview why Jennifer Beer's book continues to be the go to for mediators and mediator educators. What a pleasure to hear her. Thanks for promoting this important work.

What a peaceful interview

What a peaceful interview/exchange!The tone of this program appears to mirror the mediation process that was discussed. It contains lots of helpful general and specific examples. Jenny allowed herself to be very personal and human, complementing her calm, precise, well spoken, professional delivery. Well done, Mark and Jenny!

Bought the Mediators handbook

Bought the Mediators handbook a few weeks ago. I was very happy to hear j beer's voice and her background comments on her research. I enjoyed this broadcast and hope it will help me along my journey to becoming a great mediator to the world. peace

As to Jo Rudrud's question as

As to Jo Rudrud's question as to if it would work in Ireland, it so happens that I just returned from a mediator conference in Ireland. The highlight was a speech by their former president, Mary Robinson, about her excellent high-level international mediation work in Somalia and now on climate change. The country has many mediation programs and skilled mediators, and to my surprise, many were trained using The Mediator's Handbook. We had the privilege of visiting the retreat centre at Glencree to hear from mediators there about their decades of work hosting dialogues among all parties to the Northern Ireland troubles. Their skill, thoughtfulness, and long-haul dedication to forging connections through honest face-to-face conversation was and still is vital to the peace process there, and we were deeply moved by the experiences they recounted.

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