The Privilege of Being (and Seeing) White - Making Racism Visible


Jean Halley
Amy Eshleman
Ramya Vijaya

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The Privilege of Being (and Seeing) White - Making Racism Visible

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Our racism is mostly invisible to us because all the assumptions around it seem "normal" to us, The authors of Seeing White: An introduction to White Privilege and Race lead us through a rigorous inspection of the history and present of racism in the USA - and the way out of this ingrained social construction. Jean Halley is in the Dept of Sociology and Amy Eshleman is the Dept of Psychology at Wagner College, Staten Island, NY, and co-author Ramya Vijaya is an Associate Prof of Economics at Richard Stockton College in New Jersey.

Jean Halley is also author of Boundaries of Touch: Parenting and Adult-Child Intimacy


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