Quetico And Awakening - Two Books Opening Wider


Michael L. Robins
Jon Nelson

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A brief visit with Michael L. Robins, author of Awakening: 13 Steps to Love, Freedom, and Power, entered in the Next Top Spiritual Author Contest, and with Jon Nelson, author of Quetico: Near to Nature's Heart about Quetico Provincial Park.


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I really like the sound of

I really like the sound of both voices being heard and was impressed by both the type of questions and also the responses Michael Robins gave...it seems to be resonating that his experience is an awakeing to us also. Having spoken to Michael myself now, I feel that there is truth in what not only he says, but the power in which broadcasts out of him in a form of LOVE. Thanks to both of you for your passion and path that is leading others inwards and resonating out.

great 1-2 insight and

great 1-2 insight and grounding. thanks mark

I listened to this segment

I listened to this segment because I had first met Jon Nelson in 1981 when he was a park ranger in Quetico (and then again in Thunder Bay last autumn on my way to my most recent canoe trip to Quetico). He is a fascinating person and has produced an excellent book on the park. This was a very good interview; I thoroughly enjoyed it. (The digression on health care was also very interesting; Jon explained the Canadian system very well).

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