Restored Israel Of Yahweh


Inge Donato
Joseph Donato
Charles Micsko

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A visit with three members of the Restored Israel Of Yahwah, a religious group from southern New Jersey whose members practice religious pacifism, including their refusal to pay Federal taxes because they go primarily for war.

The organization was founded by Leo J. Volpe, known by members of the group as the prophet Jeremiah. Group efforts are concentrated around Bible study and insights, and faithful adherence to the Biblical truths, including preparation for the end times prophesied in the Book of Revelation.


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I was a member of this cult

I was a member of this cult in 1975 and had an affair with Leo Volpe, the founder. He was a womanizer and had an affair previous to me and she had a "secret" child. I know more about him than anyone else in that cult did. He was the typical cult leader, claimed to be a prophet and isolated scripture verses, pulled them out of context and gave them his own meaning.

Say who you are

Whoever "Anonymous" is that posted above should 1) Say who they are, and 2) Get over it already. You are either associated with them, or you aren't. Pick one and move on.

Glad to hear

I was very glad to hear the report from Restored Israel of Yawah. It is really important to have the testimony of these brave people that stand in the way of the war machine. Everyone should hear about this.


Beware of the Restored Israel of Yahweh. I have known these people for years, and they are the true meaning of "wolves in sheep's clothing."

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