Standing At The Sunrise - Ellen Whyte's Song of the Soul


Ellen Whyte

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Ellen Whyte

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Ellen Whyte mostly hangs out in Portland, but recently toured Wisconsin's Chippewa Valley with Sue Orfield. She combines her beautiful voice & great musicians with a powerful personal understanding - of the blues, of rhythm, and of turning her life around. She's someone you want to know, both as a musician & as a person.

Music included in Ellen Whyte's Song of the Soul:

Bring On The Storm from Here... & Gone - Ellen Whyte & Reflex Blue
Lucky In Love from Four Way Stop - Ellen Whyte
Table For One from Standing At The Sunrise - Ellen Whyte & Reflex Blue
Standing At The Sunrise from Standing At The Sunrise - Ellen Whyte & Reflex Blue



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Wow, Mark! You did such a

Wow, Mark! You did such a terrific job on making this come alive for me! Thank you for, what honestly feels like, the best interview of my entire life! Thank you so much for making it so easy to share my heart with the audience! Blessings!

I liked hearing about Ellen's

I liked hearing about Ellen's origin songs, but I'm not sure I needed to hear both I'm a Little Tea Pot and Roll Out the Barrel. I love her music though, and I love hearing the context.

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