Under a Shining Owl Moon


Bruce O'Brien

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Bruce O'Brien

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One of the best companions you could have at a protest, around a campfire or in a song circle is Bruce O'Brien. With his banjo and guitar (and sometimes mandolin or even violin), Bruce is completely in his element holding his ground or under a shining owl moon.

Unless otherwise noted, all the songs in this program are written & performed by Bruce O'Brien:

Tending the Fire 
Rock Island 
Owl Moon 
In My Family's House 
Love is in the Middle - written & sung by Emma Rhein O'Brien
Hold Your Ground 
Even As the Star - written by Rosalie Wahl
Angel of Love


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Thanks for the invitation!

Mark, this sounds great (except some of my live singing - through no fault of yours!). Thanks for taking the time to do this! Bruce

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