Walkin' Jim Stoltz' Memorial Song of the Soul


Walkin' Jim Stoltz
Leslie Stoltz
Susan Grace Stoltz
Scott Carpenter

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Walkin' Jim Stoltz

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A memorial Song of the Soul for Walkin' Jim Stoltz, the great hiker and minstrel of the open places, who left us 9/3/2010. Jim's passions and music are here guided by his wife, Leslie Stoltz, sister Susan Grace Stoltz, and long-time friend, Scott Carpenter.

All the songs in this program are performed by Walkin' Jim Stoltz:

Morning in the Mountains   from The Vision
Follow Your Heart   from Oh, What A Life
The Web of Life   from The Web of Life
Searching for the Road Not Taken   from The Vision
Heart of this Wild Land   from Little Piece of Time    
Friends Along the Way   from The Long Trails


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The more my heart breaks, the

The more my heart breaks, the wider it opens. Thank you Mark.

wonderful to learn of this

wonderful to learn of this web site and the efforts that go into such interviews. Jim Stoltz a dear friend will be perpetuated in spirit by the wild wind and shows like this. thank you so much truly the value is precious.

I met Walkin' Jim in 1993 at

I met Walkin' Jim in 1993 at a National Trails Symposium in Missoula, Montana. We became very good friends, and I was privileged to join him for two different segments of his Yellowstone-to-Yukon hike. I believe that this program did an amazing job of capturing the essence, or soul, of Walkin' Jim. Much credit goes to Leslie, Susan and Scott for doing such an amazing job...I know that the hurt of losing Jim is still very fresh for all of them. Mark, you did a wonderful job of pulling all of this together into such a dynamic, beautiful presentation. Thanks for an amazing program.

I could not help but be on

I could not help but be on the trail with Scott, Leslie and Jim's sister, the great girl scout. I loved hearing your conversations and bringing out his fascinating adventures and great gentleness and ohhhhhhhhh, his grizzly voice and harmonica return Big Sky memories of Walkin' Jim. I was singing and humming along with you all in your Wisconsin gathering and I saw you smiling and weeping. Thank you very much.

Last night in my wakeful

Last night in my wakeful hours, I was thinking of the energy you have for the Spirit in Action interview. You are a powerful interview-er and are able to get the essence of the person you honor with your sensitive approach.

This show brings tears to my

This show brings tears to my eyes. Mark, thank you for this wonderful retrospective and musical rememberence of Walkin Jim. Many of us are working to make sure his music and books will be available for future generations. Wonderful show. Great interview questions and song selections. Keep up the Great Work! Blessings and best for your ministry of love, Joyce Rouse "Earth Mama"

Thanks for a wonderful, most

Thanks for a wonderful, most moving hour back with a most special "friend"!

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