What Song Thru Lighted Window Shines?


Blair Hull

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Blair Hull

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Blair Hull has founded 2 venues to feature outstanding music, first the Stained Glass Coffee House in Deerfield, Illinois, running 2006-2014, and the Lighted Window Concert series in Campbell, California. A musician herself, Blair became a UCC pastor and currently serves in Campbell.

Featured music for Blair Hull's Song of the Soul:
Singing My Song Out - Louise Mosrie
What I Did for Love - performed by Blair Hull, from A Chorus Line
Give Light - by Magpie
Something For the Pain - by Pierce Pettis
Sanctuary - by Kat Eggleston
Abide - by Carrie Newcomer



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Wonderful stuff!

Wonderful stuff! Especially loved that song, "Abide." Great stuff!

Carrie Newcomer at the Lighted Window?

I am trying to get Carrie Newcomer, who wrote Abide with Parker Palmer to come to play for us - maybe one of these days!

Just listened to more of her stuff...

Oh my gosh, I would LOVE to get Carrie to come! Just listened to more of her stuff....wow!

Lovely Hearing you Sing

Well Done Blair...
Lovely Hearing you Sing...

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