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Randall Adams

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Randall Adams

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Randall Adams has a passion for and connection to the the sacred Earth, especially the slice of heaven known as Lake Superior. From a very talented musical family and devoted to music from an early age, Randall spent years with music as his side job, doing chiropractic in the day. With retirement came his opportunity to flesh out his folk-ish tastes & talents, leading to the release of his CD West Wind.

All songs in this program are written & performed by Randall Adams, unless otherwise noted. All are on Randy's 2017 CD, West Wind:
West Wind
Little & Big
Oil in the Water - written by Randy's sister, Sandra Odom
Outside Looking In
A Day With the Apostles (Instr)


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Interview with Mark

My interview with Mark was both fun and inspirational. He is quite adept at eliciting nuance, and has a fine ear for lyrical text, sub-text and con-text! I am extremely grateful for his invitation to interview me and to examine the West Wind CD. Kudos!

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