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Aaron Thier, author Audio icon Citizens Climate Radio Ep 10 Aaron Thier a Global Warming Storyteller 3/27/2017

Storytelling is a vital skill to have when talking about climate change. Through his new climate change-themed book Mr. Eternity, Aaron Thier takes readers on a 1,000 year odyssey. The main character calls himself Daniel Defoe. We never learn his real name. Old Dan can't seem to die. Five different narrators in five different periods from 1500 to 2500 bump into this traveler. Aaron talks about the novel and reads excerpts. Also, poet and environmentalist, Clara Fang, reads her poem, Love in the Time of Climate Change.

Brian Miller Audio icon Lumberjacks & Irishmen 3/26/2017

Brian Miller has a great passion for the Irish music and traditional songs of Great Lakes workers. He knows the legends, people, & places, to a science, steeped in art. Raised in Northern Minnesota, enriched & deepened in Ireland and other lands, Brian plies his trade from St Paul, MN. Check out his TheLostForty.com collection recordings from 1924.

Audio icon The Progressive Populist 3/26/2017

A vital part of improving the world is organizing people by getting the word out, which is the work of The Progressive Populist and its editior/founder, Jim Cullen. The populist movement and it's message prioritizing people over corporations has be transforming this country since the 1880's, and continues to do so today.

J.E. Sunde Audio icon Called By Our Names 3/19/2017

J.E. Sunde is a sensitive, creative, inspired singer/songwriter who combines the influences of the folk greats of earlier generations with the broad indie canvass of his own. Currently a resident of the Twin Cities, J.E. does solo work now after 10 years with The Daredevil Christopher Wright.

Audio icon Extinct, In Our Hearts 3/19/2017

We care about & for that which we know, so B.J. Hollars leads us into Flock Together: A Love Affair with Extinct Birds. While captivating & enjoyable, B.J. also narrates a story that is deeply compelling in how we live in relationship to our world. He is founder of Chippewa Valley Writers Guildand associate professor of English at UW-Eau Claire.

Audio icon Ivory Tower & Salt of the Earth Partners: Rural Service Learning 3/12/2017

Students of higher education have valuable knowledge & skills to offer to organizations outside of school walls, and rural areas can provide real-life opportunity & experience to such students, while helping bridge the town-gown gap.

Eve Decker Audio icon The Buddha Would Dig It - Eve Decker 3/12/2017

Eve Decker weaves health and healing through her music, with a mixture all her own of Buddhist teaching and insights, plus Jewish wisdom and mysticism, and even modern psychological understandings. Combining her compelling voice with beautiful melodies and transcendent themes, Eve is a blessing in musical clothing!

Ash Kyrie Audio icon Witness to War, Iraq & Japan 3/5/2017

Ash Kyrie spent 18 months serving the USA as a Wisconsin National Guardsperson sent to Iraq, and it changed him. The road home to fullness includes time with other vets, support from family & community, and a long peace march in Japan, plus lots of subsequent Japanese connections. And art that helps bridge the gap from soldier to civilian, and war zone to back home.

Joe Jencks Audio icon You Cannot Hold the Flame 3/5/2017

The music of Joe Jencks burns in the heart of the listener, both with his lyrics and his powerful voice. The stories and poetry of his songs lift up a vision of love, compassion and solidarity without preaching or posturing - just solid, inspirational music. In addition to a wealth of solo performing, he's now part of a trio called Brother Sun. As Joe says in one of his songs, "You may hold the candle but you cannot hold the flame".

Audio icon Citizens' Climate Radio Ep 9 Rebel or Advocate featuring Eileen Flanagan 2/27/2017

So much protesting, marching, and disruption happening these days. What are the best ways to get governments to address pollution and the effects of global warming? Eileen Flanagan, a writer, a social change teacher, a Quaker, and an activist, chats with host, Peterson Toscano about the four different roles people have traditionally taken in change movements. Are you a rebel, an advocate, an organizer, or a helper? Maybe a little bit of each. How do these models apply to organizations. Amani Thurman, a college student who has spent time protesting but has begun to do volunteer lobbying weighs in. You will also hear under-reported good news happening with American Conservatives and climate change.


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