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CCL Founder Marshall Saunders Ep 12 Values with Marshall Saunders and Leslie Beatty 5/22/2017

As climate advocates, we come to this work with our own set of values. Citizens' Climate Radio host, Peterson Toscano speaks with marketing researcher and volunteer climate advocate, Lesley Beatty about the Citizens' Climate Lobby's Core Values. CCL founder Marshall Saunders joins in the conversation with a burst of optimism.

Rod MacDonald White Buffalo Quest 5/21/2017

Rod MacDonald spins deeply emotional tapestry with his songs, a sort of emotional journalism, powerfully capturing the aspirations and angst of the listener. He was a principle in the 1980s folk revival in Greenwich village, co-founding the Greenwich Village Folk Festival. You'll find a couple of his songs in Rise Up Singing because of their penetrating & enduring power.

How Corporations are Remaking America 5/21/2017

One of the most informative & persuasive writers ever, Gordon Lafer is author of The One Percent Solution: How Corporations are Remaking America One State At A Time. Both empowering & maddening, the piercing exposé of the destruction of labor & the middle class by moneyed interests is essential to mounting an effective reply. Gordon Lafer is a political economist and Associate Professor at the Labor Education and Research Center of the University of Oregon in Eugene.

Story-teller, Advocate or Rebel 5/14/2017

All ages, all personalities, all disciplines have their roles in world-healing. Peterson Toscano of Citizen's Climate Radio is host today, speaking with all kinds of folks, including an environmental engineer in the Caribbean, Dr.

Jean Rohe Road to Arise! Arise! 5/14/2017

Jean Rohe has created an alternate (and much better) National Anthem: Arise! Arise! and she shares the songs from the US, Cuba, Brazil, & Republic of Georgia that got her there. She'll share much more of her own music on her next Song of the Soul visit.

Written & performed by Jean Rohe:

Michael Hough Well Met Howling Moon 5/7/2017

Michael Hough has been making music with Mustard's Retreat since 1974, and as part of The Yellow Room Gang for the past decade. Michael is honest. He's straightforward. He's got a good heart. And he's talented. You will surely find both depth & enjoyment in his songs.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Earth-Based Spirituality, Pagan, Presbyterian

Charlene Burns Evil 5/7/2017

Some things just beg to be called evil, and when we see them we cry out "Why?" Charlene Embrey Burns traces 1000's of years of answers to that question in 
Christian Understandings of Evil: The Historical Trajectory, and talks of her grappling with evil in both personal and wider religious experience.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Buddhism, Episcopalian, Meditation, UCC - United Church of Christ 

Billy Jonas Neo-tribal Hootenanny 4/30/2017

Billy Jonas is more fun and spiritual depth than you can hardly imagine. Sometimes described as doing neo-tribal hootenanny, industrial re-percussion, and soul-spelunking, he started as part of the Oberlin College Big Bang Theory performance art collective, was part of The Billys, sometimes shares as part of the Abraham Jam, and is at the core of the Billy Jonas Band.

Liam Hooper Trans Dude in NC 4/30/2017

North Carolina in 2017 is surely not the most welcoming place for a trans guy, yet it's where Liam Hooper is doing the work he's called to do. As Minister of Welcome & Beyond at Parkway UCC, Winston Salem, NC, Liam delivers a message of inclusion and strength to government, institutions, and individuals all around the state, rabble-rousing, preaching, and lecturing to make a difference.

Citizens Climate Radio Ep 11 Engineering Solutions 4/24/2017

How do some people land on a path that leads them to climate action? Host, Peterson Toscano explores this question by featuring two passionate climate advocactes. Dr. Hugh Sealy, is an environmental engineer in the Caribbean. He has influenced environmental policy in Barbados, Grenda, St. Lucia, and Dominica. In addition to his work in helping low-lying island nations in a time of climate change, Dr. Sealy also served as a member of the Clean Development Mechanism or CDM for the UN Framework on Climate Change. He shares some of his story, discusses the CDM carbon pricing. Adia Samba-Quee, is just begining her career as a climate advocate. A 14 year old student in Springfield, MA, Adia makes connection between local pollution, asthma, and climate action. She hopes to use comedy to engage people in deeper conversations about climate.


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