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Linley Dixon
Real Organics

Linley Dixon is senior scientist of the staff of The Cornucopia Institute, our leading organic standards watchdog & advocate. With a masters degree in Plant & Soil Science, a Ph.D.

Jim Page
Seattle's Busker King

Jim Page has been a fixture of Seattle's folk music scene since the early 1970's, including his successful campaign to legalize street performing through the city in 1974, and as one of the founder of the Pike Market Performers Guild, and their Busker Festival. In addition to strong folk roots, Jim has spent years in Ireland, and he's produced 23 records, the latest being A Hand Full of Songs.

Climate, Race, Justice, Books, & Music

Peterson Toscano of Citizens' Climate Radio hosts today with perspectives from people of color on climate change, from organizations and individuals about environomental & climate justice, speaking with Peggy Sheppard of WE ACT For Environmental Justice and Dr.

Alex Mead
My Rap Name is Alex

Alex Mead is My Rap Name Is Alex, and he makes world-healing rap/hip-hop music in Buffalo, NY. A year-round bicyclist in a snowy land, a member of Bloodthirsty Vegans, and a reformed computer programmer, Alex combines tech savy with peace-justice-environmental passions to create absorbing music & videos.

Larry Long
America's Troubadour, Larry Long

Larry Long is the kind of great musician who brings musicians together, hence his collaborations known as the American Roots Revue. Studs Terkel called Larry America's Troubadour. With flavors of folk, soul, blues, rock, and Native American music, and as a deeply passionate activist, Larry helps transport hearts and create programs like Elders' Wisdom Children's Song.

Dedrick Asante-Muhammad
Racial Wealth Gap & The Middle Class

The Road to Zero Wealth: How the Racial Wealth Divide is Hollowing Out America’s Middle Class, a report co-authored by ProsperityNow.org and The Institute for Policy Studies(see also Inequality.org). Dedrick Asante-Muhammad is Senior Fellow, Racial Wealth Divide at 

Lucy Duncan
Justice Work Among Friends

Lucy Duncan does work that touches on all of the important issues of the day, like Palestine, Racism, and Immigration, in her role as Friends Relations Director for the AFSC.

Jen Hazen
Angelic Desperado

Jen Hazen has deep honesty and an awesome laugh, and both come through in the way she lights up the stage as part of the many constellations of music she occupies: Jenny & the Lost Boys, Jenny & the Jets, Girl Band, 

Citizens Climate Radio Ep 17 Resilient Power Puerto Rico

Show host, Peterson Toscano traveled to the island of Manhattan and met with someone engaged in hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. Ofelia Mangen, an Educational Designer and Technologist  at New York University, talks about climate change and Resilient Power Puerto Rico. This NY-based project has brought emergency solar power to the Puerto Rico. In addition, they are engaged in a project to provide long-term solar production.

Geoffrey Gates
Seeking Peace, Vietnam to Tanzania

Geoffrey Gates, MD, in addition to a life of professional healing work, book-ended his career with some off-the-beaten path world service. Though registered as a CO during the Vietnam War, he served as a member of IVS (International Voluntary Services) in a Vietnam war zone, 1970-71, and after his retirement served with the Peace Corps, Tanzania.


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