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Josette Jackson Audio icon Inclusivity 101 & Peace 2/19/2017

Josette Jackson is an ordained Unity pastor, international speaker, spiritual educator, and peace educator, who helps Unity and the wider world tap into the power of Nonviolent Communication, A Season of Nonviolence: 64 Ways in 64 Days, and Inclusivity 101, and more.

Kevin Basl Audio icon Iraq & Kevin Rocks 2/19/2017

Kevin Basl had 2 tours of duty in Iraq and in the course of the 2nd he wrote & recorded a CD capturing his frustration, doubts, & anger at the role he played in what he judges to be an illegal war. He currently does healing/empowerment work with 2 veterans' groups, Warrior Writers and Combat Paper NJ.

Radmilla Cody Audio icon Kinship, Hope, & Beautiful Mother Earth 2/12/2017

Radmilla Cody is firmly rooted in the Dine' musical & cultural tradition, and her songs come straight from the plateaus of the Navajo Nation, where she was the 46th Miss Navajo Nation. From her youth herding sheep, to her experience of domestic violence, to her activism work with social and environmental injustices, Radmilla seeks & sings beauty, balance, & harmony with our wide kinship and with Mother Earth.

Audio icon Climate Thought, Poetry, Talk, Price, Music & Radio 2/12/2017

Guest host for the week is Peterson Toscano of Citizens' Climate Radio, speaking with Chandler Green on discussing climate issues with Republicans, poet & writer Lilace Mellin Guignard, Elke Arnesen of the Put A Price On It campaign, Dr. Natasha DeJarnett on the health risks of a warmer planet, Dr.

Audio icon 3 Standing Rocks 2/5/2017

Three strong men among the thousands led to the confrontation with the DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline) at Standing Rock. Myron Buchholz was born & raised in North Dakota, and both Ash Kyrie & Kevin Basl felt called to join the Oceti Sakowin Camp for a variety of reasons, including as part of the Veterans Stand.

Irfan Ali Taj Audio icon Peace of Pakistan 2/5/2017

Irfan Ali Taj left the business world to follow his passion, making music full of peace, understanding, & spirit. Originally fom Chitral in the north of Pakistan, living in Karachi, Taj loves passing Chitrali folk culture forward. You can catch Taj on YouTube and on Facebook.

Audio icon Treaty Rights & Standing Rock 2/5/2017

Myron has been out to Standing Rock twice, and here's his take on native rights and how treaties have been dealt with.

Audio icon Water Is Sacred - On The Ground At Standing Rock 2/5/2017

Myron Buchholz shares his on-the-ground experience at Standing Rock.

Jim Bizer Audio icon Knowing What The River Knows 1/29/2017

Jim Bizer is a profound, engaging, talented lyricist, singer, & musician whose songs speak of our connection and the mind-blowing reality we live in. It's folk with some jazz touches, joyful with scattered clouds, deep with occasional dancing on the surface.

Nelia Sargent Audio icon True Power: A Powerful Nonviolent Anti-nuclear Simple Living (Blind) Woman 1/29/2017

Nelia Sargent is a life-long activist, with decades under her belt doing and teaching nonviolence methods, coming of age with the anti-nuclear organization called the Clamshell Alliance. She's chair of the board of the Albert Einstein Institution, founded by Gene Sharp to advance the study & use of nonviolent action.


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