2016 Membership Meeting

This page collects videos from Northern Spirit Radio's fundraising event in October, 2016.

Ken Lonnquist (kenland.com) was going to be with NSR at the Broadcasting From the Heartland fun-raiser, but sickness prevailed, so he joined via some videos: of his songs Water, John Doe/Ring of Fire, & This Is.

Si Kahn (SiKahn.com) of Musicians United to Protect Bristol Bay (http://www.musiciansunited.info/) shares his song, Upstream, as part of the 10/15/2016 event Broadcasting From the Heartland, sponsored by Northern Spirit Radio.

Magic Mama joins the NSR fun-raising event, Broadcasting From the Heartland, from Oregon, sharing her song, Naka Ima.

Tom Rowley, from near Cabool, Missouri, and a listener of a Northern Spirit Radio-affiliated station, KZGM, shares his song about state & nationwide healthcare gap issues, The Healthcare Blues, as part of the 10/15/2016 event called Broadcasting From the Heartland.

Anne Hills participated virtually at the 2016 Northern Spirit Radio event called Broadcasting from the Heartland, sharing her songs Nighttime Falls & The Moon's Song.

Activist-Musician Peter Leidy, (visit https://peterleidy.com/) joins the Northern Spirit Radio event called Broadcasting From the Heartland, just after Mike McCabe's presentation on http://www.bluejeannation.com/ to share his song, A Nation In Blue Jeans.

Peter Alsop (PeterAlsop.com) joins in virtually for the NorthernSpiritRadio.org Broadcasting From The Heartland event on 10/15/2016, performing If Jesus Had A Gun, and Frack, Frack, Fracking.