Brief commentary on today's issues with the benefit of historical context. Myron Buchholz taught high school history for 34, hoping to inspire informed citizens with a real grasp of the facts and our options. Myron's activism extends well beyond the classroom and into the streets and the halls of government. 

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Treaty Rights & Standing Rock

Myron has been out to Standing Rock twice, and here's his take on native rights and how treaties have been dealt with.

Populist Movements Get Things Done!

Change is not a top-down phenomenon, but a bottom-up reality. Populism is the American Way.

Social Safety Net, Then and Now

We take portions of our Social Safety Net for granted, but not so long ago the proposals for Social Security & the like brought charges of communism!

TPP - Free Trade or Fair Trade
TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership): Free Trade or Fair Trade

Myron has observed the historic results of raising & lowering trade barriers. There are reasonable (and low) barriers, but what the TPP, NAFTA and other such agreements bring/have brought us is "free" trade, but not FAIR trade, and that makes all the difference.

Schools for Everyone

How did public schools start in the USA, and are they really for everyone? Myron knows!

Saving the Land

Has the USA exploited or protected the land by our agriculture? Where are we heading from here?

American Ecology

How has thinking about our relationship to the Earth and its creatures evolved in the USA since the nation's founding?

Progressive Media

When is mass media supportive of progressive causes?

Disabilities & Other Minorities

How has our country thought about and dealt with minorities, like folks with disabilities? How should we?

Profit-driven Healthcare

It's easy to forget what the "healthcare system" used to be like, and what drove it, as opposed to the current system in the USA driven primarily by profit.


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