Song of the Soul invites you to a soul-level encounter. Music has the ability to proclaim the soul's language beyond what mere words can speak. That's what we seek as we invite our guests to share their Song of the Soul. You will hear the music that has charted the steps of their spiritual journey, that has provided a touchstone in the soul's dark night, and sung the hearts awe and joy when come to the Light. As you listen to Song of the Soul, you are both witness and companion to our guest's spiritual path and sacred testimony.

Song of the Soul guests provide about 25 minutes of the music that speaks of their spiritual path, beliefs or journey, and Mark Helpsmeet explores with them the relevance and meaning of this music to their experience. Some guests are musicians, perhaps sharing their own music, but most guests are simply sharing music they've been impacted by, written and performed by others.

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Brian Miller Audio icon Lumberjacks & Irishmen 3/26/2017

Brian Miller has a great passion for the Irish music and traditional songs of Great Lakes workers. He knows the legends, people, & places, to a science, steeped in art. Raised in Northern Minnesota, enriched & deepened in Ireland and other lands, Brian plies his trade from St Paul, MN. Check out his TheLostForty.com collection recordings from 1924.

J.E. Sunde Audio icon Called By Our Names 3/19/2017

J.E. Sunde is a sensitive, creative, inspired singer/songwriter who combines the influences of the folk greats of earlier generations with the broad indie canvass of his own. Currently a resident of the Twin Cities, J.E. does solo work now after 10 years with The Daredevil Christopher Wright.

Eve Decker Audio icon The Buddha Would Dig It - Eve Decker 3/12/2017

Eve Decker weaves health and healing through her music, with a mixture all her own of Buddhist teaching and insights, plus Jewish wisdom and mysticism, and even modern psychological understandings. Combining her compelling voice with beautiful melodies and transcendent themes, Eve is a blessing in musical clothing!

Joe Jencks Audio icon You Cannot Hold the Flame 3/5/2017

The music of Joe Jencks burns in the heart of the listener, both with his lyrics and his powerful voice. The stories and poetry of his songs lift up a vision of love, compassion and solidarity without preaching or posturing - just solid, inspirational music. In addition to a wealth of solo performing, he's now part of a trio called Brother Sun. As Joe says in one of his songs, "You may hold the candle but you cannot hold the flame".

Ashley Mazanec Audio icon Enchanting Voice for Sustainability 2/26/2017

Encinitas is home to Ashley Mazanec whose passion for earthcare merits her the title of "A Voice for Sustainability". Living in a tiny house on an urban post-organic farm, attending San Diego 350 actiivities for fun, passionate about water protectors - this only scratches the surface. She runs, yogas, and surfs - and wait 'til you hear her sing in a perfect marriage of art and activism!

Kevin Basl Audio icon Iraq & Kevin Rocks 2/19/2017

Kevin Basl had 2 tours of duty in Iraq and in the course of the 2nd he wrote & recorded a CD capturing his frustration, doubts, & anger at the role he played in what he judges to be an illegal war. He currently does healing/empowerment work with 2 veterans' groups, Warrior Writers and Combat Paper NJ.

Radmilla Cody Audio icon Kinship, Hope, & Beautiful Mother Earth 2/12/2017

Radmilla Cody is firmly rooted in the Dine' musical & cultural tradition, and her songs come straight from the plateaus of the Navajo Nation, where she was the 46th Miss Navajo Nation. From her youth herding sheep, to her experience of domestic violence, to her activism work with social and environmental injustices, Radmilla seeks & sings beauty, balance, & harmony with our wide kinship and with Mother Earth.

Irfan Ali Taj Audio icon Peace of Pakistan 2/5/2017

Irfan Ali Taj left the business world to follow his passion, making music full of peace, understanding, & spirit. Originally fom Chitral in the north of Pakistan, living in Karachi, Taj loves passing Chitrali folk culture forward. You can catch Taj on YouTube and on Facebook.

Jim Bizer Audio icon Knowing What The River Knows 1/29/2017

Jim Bizer is a profound, engaging, talented lyricist, singer, & musician whose songs speak of our connection and the mind-blowing reality we live in. It's folk with some jazz touches, joyful with scattered clouds, deep with occasional dancing on the surface.

Audio icon Alternative Christmas in January 1/15/2017

Christmas songs you probably didn't hear leading up to December 25th - but which would have made the season so much more rewarding and meaningful. Instead of the old standards, how about new standards, but lessor-known, extremely wonderful musicians? Peace, justice, & growth at a dark time, growing lighter.


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