Song of the Soul invites you to a soul-level encounter. Music has the ability to proclaim the soul's language beyond what mere words can speak. That's what we seek as we invite our guests to share their Song of the Soul. You will hear the music that has charted the steps of their spiritual journey, that has provided a touchstone in the soul's dark night, and sung the hearts awe and joy when come to the Light. As you listen to Song of the Soul, you are both witness and companion to our guest's spiritual path and sacred testimony.

Song of the Soul guests provide 20-23 minutes of the music of their soul, and Mark Helpsmeet explores with them the relevance and meaning of this music to their experience. Most guests are musicians, usually sharing their own music, but some guests are simply sharing music they've been impacted by, written and performed by others.

The theme song for this program is by Cris Williamson and is called "Song of the Soul". Please check out the wealth of great music Cris has gifted to the world.

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Pete Seeger's Last Songs

Pat Humphries of Emma's Revolution was at Pete Seeger's bedside as he died, singing to him.

Happy 100th Birthday Pete Seeger

1st part of a concert to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Pete Seeger's birth, held April 27th in Northampton, MA, at the Unitarian Society, as a benefit for Climate Action Now MA, part of a wealth of events for the 100th anniversary.

Northern Hobo

Charlie Parr is a singer/songwriter dynamo, touring constantly & widely, sharing his down-home music of the American country blues genres. For a person who battles constantly with depression, his music is powerfully enlivening, played on either his 12-string or resonator guitars, or sometimes on his banjo. A life-long Minnesotan, Duluth is his occasional refuge from the road.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Harmonizing With Lamed Vavniks, Hafiz, & The Gita

Together Ira Levin and Julia Bordenaro Levin (sometimes with other artists) are The Levins, a weaving of beautiful music, harmonies, & lyrics. Ira comes from rich Jewish ground and avidly draws on mysticism from around the world. Ira & Julia have performed children's music as Uncle Eye & Ms Melody, and Kirtan music with Mirabai Moon, among others.

Pete Seeger's Generations of Music

Part 3 of musicians who performed with & whose music was grown by Pete Seeger.

Peter Phippen
Living Music, Sacred Flute

Peter Phippen is best known, perhaps, as a master of the flute - actually many different types of flutes, including those of Native American origin. That is, in fact, what earned him a Grammy nomination back in 2010. But Peter is all about all music, so you'll also frequently encounter him rocking out on his bass and whatever other form of music and instrumentation the moment calls for.

Painting the Sky with Music

Kora Feder paints the sky, beautifully, with her words and melodies. Drawing on years living around the world, notably in Asia, and nurtured by musically-gifted parents like Rita Hosking & Sean Feder, Kora creates her very own style and power of music, wrestling with life and meaning with heart, wisdom, & creativity.

Victoria Shoemaker

Victoria Shoemaker is a multi-instrumentalist with a deep affinity & talent for the flute. Classically trained, but having discovered her deep passion in improvisational flute, and having been mentored by Eau Claire’s grammy-nominated flute artist, Peter Phippen, Victoria’s gifts are impressive and diverse. She rocks, folks, classicals & can definitely spin ethereal music of the spheres.

Katy Vernon
Ukulele Songbird

Katy Vernon is a rare combination of deep, joyful, heart-rending, creative, and spritely. Wielding her trusty ukulele and backed up by a rich assortment of instruments, her voice, tunes, & lyrics will embed themselves in your heart. Born & raised in England, Katy landed in Minnesota in 1993, and has produced 3 CDs over the past 10 years. Just recently she performed her 4th Toilet Tune with Sarah Morris.

Ellen Stanley
Return of the Banjo

Mother Banjo (Ellen Stanley) is wonderful. In addition to her musical career, she is executive director of the Minnesota Music Coalition, and does a weekly show on station KFAI called Womenfolk. She writes all kinds of great music, with a special gift for creating new & impeccable gospel songs.


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