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Northern Hobo

Charlie Parr
Charlie Parr

Charlie Parr is a singer/songwriter dynamo, touring constantly & widely, sharing his down-home music of the American country blues genres. For a person who battles constantly with depression, his music is powerfully enlivening, played on either his 12-string or resonator guitars, or sometimes on his banjo. A life-long Minnesotan, Duluth is his occasional refuge from the road.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Seeking Peace, Vietnam to Tanzania

Geoffrey Gates
Geoffrey Gates

Geoffrey Gates, MD, in addition to a life of professional healing work, book-ended his career with some off-the-beaten path world service. Though registered as a CO during the Vietnam War, he served as a member of IVS (International Voluntary Services) in a Vietnam war zone, 1970-71, and after his retirement served with the Peace Corps, Tanzania.

Speaking Both NPR and NASCAR

J.E. McNeil

A visit with Texas-raised attorney J.E. McNeil about the need to hear each other beyond the liberal/conservative, urban/rural, ivory tower/commonfolk divides, what holds us back, and how to bridge the gap. J.E. is the former executive director of the Center on Conscience & War and author of a review of the book Dark Money in Friends Journal.

A Need for Poverty

Sister Confianza del Senor
Sister Alegria del Senor
Amigas del Senor

What led Prairie Cutting (now Sister Confianza del Señor) & Beth Blodgett (now Sister Alegria del Señor) to leave the USA & create the Methodist-Quaker Amigas del Señor Monastery in Honduras? One key motivation was a calling to lead a life of poverty, explained in an article in Western Friend called Overcoming Need.


Changing the World in a Song

Anne Hills
Anne Hills

Anne Hills opens eyes and changes hearts & minds with the kind of beautiful music that obviates the need of any kind of lecture, putting us all in the same family and with the same cause. Because her day job is in the social work domain, she has plenty of opportunities to work on concrete on-the-ground improvements, at the same time she uplifts and inspires us with her music.

Camp A Little While In The Wilderness

Rhonda Rucker
Rhonda Rucker

Rhonda Rucker is most often heard performing as part of Sparky & Rhonda, with a strong flavor of Southern Appalachian music, but also Civil Rights folk music, old hymns, and a number of songs by Rhonda. She was a medical doctor for 5 years, cares deeply about our Earth, and her writings include a recent novel called Swing Low, Sweet Harriet.

My Child, Accordion, & Goat Songs

Micah Sommersmith
Micah Sommersmith

Micah Sommersmith follows his nose into great music, letting the lyrics lead him into deep meaning. Although accordion is his weapon of choice, he also plays/has played piano, trumpet, euphonium, guitar, and the organ (required for his job as music director for a Methodist church). He joins us before a live audience to share music today, nearing the birth of his first child.

Poet Laureate & Eggplant Heroes

Max Garland
Eggplant Heroes

Max Garland is a professional backslider, was Wisconsin's Poet Laureate 2013-2015, and makes music as part of Eggplant Heroes. With deep roots in Western Kentucky and a 'lover's quarrel' with the religion of his childhood, Max retired recently from teaching in the UW-EC English Dept.. Look for the bonus song & excerpts!


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