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More Pete Seeger Fruits: Reggie Harris, Annie Patterson, Sarah Pirtle, & Peter Alsop

Reggie Harris
Annie Patterson
Peter Alsop
Sarah Pirtle

More fruits of the musical seeds planted by Pete Seeger over his 94 years, with guests like Reggie HarrisAnnie Patterson & Peter BloodPeter Alsop, and Sarah Pirtle (and several more folks in 2 weeks!).

You Cannot Hold the Flame

Joe Jencks
Joe Jencks

The music of Joe Jencks burns in the heart of the listener, both with his lyrics and his powerful voice. The stories and poetry of his songs lift up a vision of love, compassion and solidarity without preaching or posturing - just solid, inspirational music. In addition to a wealth of solo performing, he's now part of a trio called Brother Sun. As Joe says in one of his songs, "You may hold the candle but you cannot hold the flame".

Peter Blood's Song of the Soul

Peter Blood
photo of Peter and Annie with their guitars

Peter Blood and his wife, Annie, gave the world an immense gift of music with the Rise Up Singing. Peter has a passion for leading group sing-alongs, like Pete Seeger, with whom Peter Blood has worked on Seeger's autobiography. But Peter is more than music, including social change organizing, teaching religion (Quaker) and advanced practice psychiatric nursing.

Annie Patterson's Song of the Soul

Annie Patterson
photo of Annie Patterson on her album cover

Annie Patterson is a thorough music lover, maker and sharer, with many years experience performing music in coffeehouses, clubs and festivals and with a swing group called Big Nite Out and Girls From Mars. Annie was raised Methodist, but felt, even in her teens, a tug toward the Divine presence available in silence, an attraction that led her to Quakers as an adult.

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