Humble Stumble Hymnbook

J. Brent Bill
J. Brent Bill

J. Brent Bill is the author of Life Lessons From a Bad Quaker: A Humble Stumble Toward Simplicity and Grace, reviewed in Friends Journal to much acclaim. He's also been an avid consumer and creator of music, and joins us this week to discuss one section in particular of his book, the Humble Stumble Hymnbook.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:


Singing the Goddess: Stasa Morgan-Appel

Stasa Morgan-Appel
Singing the Goddess

Stasa Morgan-Appel is a Pagan Quaker with the gift of leading & sharing music and her feminist-pagan identity puts her at a particular spot on the wide Pagan spectrum. She co-authored A Winter Solstice Singing Ritual book & CD. She led a workshop on "Singing the Goddess" at the 2011 FGC gathering and is accompanied by 3 members of the workshop - Sandy Moon, Peggy Bright and Denise Madland - for this program.

John Lamoreau - Waging Peace/Biblical Pacifism

John Lamoreau
photo of John Lamoreau

John Lamoreau has a Master of Arts in Peace Studies and is the co-author of Waging Peace: A Study In Biblical Pacifism, written 26 years ago with about 25 reprintings since then. John is an Evangelical Friend/Quaker, with deep concern for faithfulness to Jesus and to the life Jesus directed that we live. He has the peculiar distiction of being perhaps the only avowed pacifist to be endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

Chester McCoy's Song of the Soul

Chester McCoy
Chester McCoy

Chester McCoy grew up Catholic in a working class neighborhood of St Louis when segregation was still the rule. His way out of the limitations and oppression of racism was through education, social work and his his rich connections with people, including college at St John's in Collegeville, Minnesota. Chester has been writing songs for about 30 years now, and is a Quaker, a member of Minneapolis Friends Meeting.

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