Hands At Work - Iris Graville


Iris Graville

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cover of book "Hands at Work"

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Hands At Work: Portraits and Profiles of People Who Work with Their Hands combines striking and intimate photography with inspiring prose to talk about work in a way is too often ignored in the USA. The book is a visual meditation to help restore the life to "making a living".

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Fashioned in the Clay - Sarah Stockwell
Cook With Honey - Judy Collins
Our Life Is More Than Our Work - Charlie King
I Have No Hands But Yours - Carol Johnson


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Very inspirational

Very inspirational and thought-provoking. Thanks, Iris and Mark.

Both thoughtful and articulate

Iris is both thoughtful and articulate in this insightful interview about her astonishingly-beautiful book. I'm delighted to know that her thinking and her work are going out to a wider world and urge listeners to go to her website and see the book for themselves.

Interesting and inspiring interview

A very interesting and inspiring interview. Both Mark and Iris did a great job. Thank you.

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