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NSR promotes world healing by broadcasting inspirational and educational voices of peace and social justice using the language of personal story, music, and spirituality.

Song Of The Soul
7/27/2014Positively Unfolding!
Possibilities always surround us, and we can use lemons to make a sour face, or to serve a lemonade feast to all our acquaintances. In spite of a challenging start to life including bad role models, abandonment, and some JD points, Glen Roethel received grace through adoption and has chosen to pass it on. Part of the House Band for the Posi Awards for many years, Glen seeks to uplift and shine Light. Check out his music & greeting cards on
Spirit In Action
7/27/2014QVS: Service Beyond Americorps
On and other sites, you can find many ways to serve & change the world. Americorps & the Peace Corps are well-known, government-sponsored opportunities, but some folks need something more rooted in community & faith. Quaker Voluntary Service is one such organization, and Noah Baker Merrill is on its board, while Ross Hennesy is assistant director for QVS and coordinator of its Philadelphia site.

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