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Sharing stories that illuminate the connections between the roots and fruits of the Spirit

Josette Jackson
Posted on Sunday, February 19, '17
Josette Jackson is an ordained Unity pastor, international speaker, spiritual educator, and peace educator, who helps Unity and the wider world tap into the power of Nonviolent Communication, 
Kevin Basl
Posted on Sunday, February 19, '17
Kevin Basl had 2 tours of duty in Iraq and in the course of the 2nd he wrote & recorded a CD capturing his frustration, doubts, & anger at the role he played in what he judges to be an illegal war.
Radmilla Cody
Posted on Sunday, February 12, '17
Radmilla Cody is firmly rooted in the Dine' musical & cultural tradition, and her songs come straight from the plateaus of the Navajo Nation, where she was the 46th Miss Navajo Nation.