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Sharing stories that illuminate the connections between the roots and fruits of the Spirit

Dawn Morningstar
Posted on Sunday, January 22, '17
Today's topic is Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World, a book and work into which Dawn Morningstar was launched by a statement by the Dalai Lama, "The world will be saved by the Western woman"
Posted on Sunday, January 15, '17
Aaron Dunn makes the world a better place as co-founder & medical director of Community Connections Free Clinic in Dodgeville, WI, through his use of Integrative Medicine, and with the music he makes as part of the 
Posted on Sunday, January 15, '17
Christmas songs you probably didn't hear leading up to December 25th - but which would have made the season so much more rewarding and meaningful. Instead of the old standards, how about new standards, but lessor-known, extremely wonderful musicians?