Activating the Activists


Steve Chase

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Steve Chase originated and serves now as the director of the Environmental Advocacy and Organizing Program in the Dept of Environmental Studies of Antioch University New England, training future generations of change-makers of all sorts. Steve's early inspiration was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, but a transforming moment is when he got kicked out his Boy Scout troop and welcomed in by Quakers - at age 13.

Steve has written a number of papers, professional and non-professional, including:

Following the Way of Jesus
Creative Maladjustment: Activism as a Way to Heal Self, Society and Planet
Martin Luther King's Journey to Activism


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How to include NSR

I am investigating how to include the syndicated show northernspiritradio on KPOV here in Bend, OR. The Community radio station has plenty of syndicated shows but needs LOCAL programing. I heard that Steve Chase was doing this in New Hampshire. Do you have any guidelines of what would work for northern spirit radio? Right now my thought is to edit from each show of the syndicated program and then include a short interview with local people and how they express their spirituality in social action. Would this work for Northern Spirit Radio or do you require a full hearing of the program without editing it? Jay Jordet Bend, OR 97701

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