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SuZ Ogden

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SuZ Ogden

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SuZ Ogden is an angeltonk Baptist Buddhist living in Oklahoma, with visits to California, Russia and Israel. In other words, she's all over the map, from nightclub singer to minister in the United Centers for Spiritual Living.

All the songs in this program are performed by SuZ Ogden:

Music Is My Basic Religion   The Promise Land
Earth Islanders   Come Celebrate
Only Have a Moment   The Promise Land
Take a Little Love   Come Celebrate
Baptist Buddhist   The Promise Land
Am I Living In Faith or Doubt   The Promise Land
I'm The Richest Woman   Walking In The Light



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I know Suz for years and she

I know Suz for years and she is a wonderfull soul and person. Her music lifted me up alot and I still enjoy it every day. When you let the words sinck in your heart Joy bubbles up in your mind, body and soul. You find yourself rejuvenated.

Suz Ogden's music speaks to

Suz Ogden's music speaks to my soul! Outstanding interview!

Enjoyed this show very much.

Enjoyed this show very much. What a wonderful woman with a beautiful voice.

HI. once again I couldn't

HI. once again I couldn't hear most of your interview. I realized in this show, that I was able to hear all the songs just as I have been able to hear the pre-recorded parts of your other shows that I've had trouble with. Maybe it's my player on the computer I'm using. I'll have to try my own laptop sometime. She had nice music though. Thanks.

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