Bryce, Young and Yata - Live Spirit Concert


Bryce Black
Timothy James Young

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cover of CD titled "Snow has fallen".

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Bryce BlackTimothy James Young and Yata teamed up in a concert bursting at the seams with Spirit on May 10, 2008, held at Unity Christ Center.

There was humor, depth, harmony and love in song, with kind of a 3-way Song of the Soul. We capture here just a portion of the 2 hour concert - check their respective web sites for other opportunities to hear them and you can look forward to individual Song of the Soul interviews with each of them.

Bryce & Yata have just released Sheer Caffeine and Young & Yata have simultaneously released Snow Has Fallen.

Songs included in this program are performed by Bryce, Young & Yata and Yata is frequently composer and main instrumentalist:

Title   Lyrics By
What I Need   Bryce Black
This Fire   Timothy Young
My Black Guitar   Timothy Young
Mad Cow   Bryce Black
Snow Has Fallen   Timothy Young
Bucolic Splendor   Bryce Black
Glass Brick   Timothy Young
Pilgrimage   Timothy Young
River   Bryce Black
Sheer Caffeine   Bryce Black



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