Friend of the Soul - Rabbi Marcia Prager's Song of the Soul


Marcia Prager

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Rabbi Marcia Prager

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Marcia Prager is Rabbi at Philadelphia's P'nai Or community, an affiliate of ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal. Marcia is a teacher, a singer and a dynamic source of spiritual guidances vibrantly rooted in the Jewish faith.

Unless otherwise noted, the songs in this program are performed by Rabbi Marcia Prager:

Kabbalat Shabbot/Lighting The Shabbos Candles
Angel Song   traditional text, melody by Schlomo Carlebach
Yedid Nefesh/Friend of the Soul   from Eliezer Azikri
We Have Found Rest Beneath the Wings of the Shekhina   from Penina Adelman
Ma'ariv/Blessing for the Night   from Lynn Gottlieb
The Odessa-Havana Trolley   Klingon Klezmer
Malka Kadisha   Atzilut Concerts for Peace



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