Mary Rose O'Reilley, Quaker Buddhist Shepherd with a Love of Impermanent Things


Mary Rose O'Reilley

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Mary Rose O'Reilley

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Mary Rose O'Reilley is an author, a contemplative and an activist. Author of (at least) 6 books and many more publications, she lives with a concern for the kind of centerness which allows us to live fruitfully and faithfully in the world.

Raised Catholic, attuned to Buddhist thought, and a longtime Quaker activist, she brings rich and diverse perspective to her writing.

Among Mary Rose's writings:

The Love of Impermanent Things: A Threshold Ecology
Half Wild: Poems (Walt Whitman Award)
The Garden at Night: Burnout and Breakdown in the Teaching Life
The Barn at the End of the World: The Apprenticeship of a Quaker, Buddhist Shepherd
Radical Presence: Teaching as Contemplative Practice
The Peaceable Classroom

Music featured on this program includes:
Wonderous Love - Annie Grieshop & Mike Ross of Voices of Hopkinton


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