Nicole Miller's Song of the Soul


Nicole Miller

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Nicole Miller is, among many things, a DJ on WHYS radio, with a program called The Positive Frequency. She a musician from childhood on and just completing her last year at college. She finds peace and joy through music, energy to transcend the negative realities so abundant these days.


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Everyone finds there soul

Everyone finds there soul sometime. I just hope it's not to late for people to understand love. Music helps everyone find love, it helps people forget who they are and become what that love. Nicole loves music and even without it she is a beautiful person. Play the music that relates to life, and realize you are never alone. When you loose a friend of music you loose a guy that will always be your best friend. -Luv Big Bird

Very, very sweet. I would

Very, very sweet. I would love sit down and talk to this girl!

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