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Peterson Toscano

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Peterson's born-again experience at the age of 17 catapulted him into the world of Evangelical Christianity, good except that Peterson was, and is, gay. After 17 years of attempting to become "ex-gay", he finally had to accept his reality and seek healing and wholeness. Through his theatrical and stand-up comedy pieces like "Doin' Time in the Homo No Mo Halfway House" and other work, Peterson has become a leading proponent of the Ex-gay Survivor Movement/Beyond Ex-gay.

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Everything Possible - Fred Small


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Refreshing and thoughtful perspective

What a refreshing and thoughtful perspective on one person's struggle and success to define his sexuality and spirituality! Technical notes: Mark's introductory comments about the purpose of the show seemed a bit wooden. There was also a real difference in the clarity through the guest's microphone (very clear) and Mark's microphone (kind of fuzzy). I would enjoy future programs that illustrate how others have found spiritual guidance through issues that are often rigidly defined by religious dogma, e.g., Catholicism and contraception, the religious right and war, Buddhism and political activity.

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