Toward Taking Away the Occasion of Abortion - Rachel MacNair and Stan Becker


Stan Becker
Rachel MacNair

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Life Choice

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A thoughtful dialog about abortion, peace witness and care for creation. Guests are Rachel MacNair, Phd. in Psychology and undergraduate in Peace & Conflict Studies, and Stan Becker, Phd. in Demographics at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, where he is currently professor in the Dept of Population, Family and Reproductive Health.

Rachel is an advocate of an across-the-board pro-life policies with a Friends Witness for a Prolife Peace Testimonyand also with Consistent Life and a former president of Feminists for Life.

Stan has been active with Quaker Earthcare Witness for the past 20 years, including 3 years as clerk, and was involved in producing their pamphlet, Toward Taking Away the Occasion of Abortion.


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Dear Friends, No where in

Dear Friends, No where in this interview did anyone mention Spirit, and how a woman is led to make her decision. As Quakers, we should be concerned that women are free and able to follow their spiritual leading about their conception/pregnancy.

Thanks for doing this show,

Thanks for doing this show, and handling it so well. We do need to really be able to hear considered views. The issue is very important.

I commend everyone involved

I commend everyone involved in this conversation for their civility, honest recognition of differences, and identification of common-ground solutions to abortion. And I invite anyone, prolife or prochoice, who is serious about reducing abortion, to visit the Nonviolent Choice Directory, This is a global directory of abortion-reducing resources. There is a regularly updated list of simple-to-take action alerts on our blog at Nonviolent Choice takes a prolife feminist approach, but we welcome visitors and participants of any vantage point. Thank you.

Thank you so much for this

Thank you so much for this considerate, thoughtful and thought-provoking conversation on a highly emotional subject. I hope we will begin to see more and more of this sensitivity and intelligence in the abortion debate, as there is healing needed here.

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