Walk In Their Shoes: Can One Person Change the World? Education & Service As Transformation


Jim Ziolkowski

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Since 1991, Jim Ziolkowski & BuildOn.org have been transforming inner city schools in the USA and building schools - over 550 to-date - in the poorest countries of the globe. In his book, Walk In Their Shoes, Jim shares his own stories and the stories of many of the volunteers of BuildOn, US teens whose lifes have been renewed, African women who've found self-respect & a voice through equal access to education as part of the BuildOn covenant, and many others. This is inspirational, painful, joyful, astonishing work, and Jim shares his story transparently.

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What Can One Person Do? - Andy Murray


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I wrote a nice review but

I wrote a nice review but lost it when I typed in the letters that I could hardly see and got it wrong.

Hi Mark and Jim - Just

Hi Mark and Jim - Just listened in. You both did such a wonderful job. I could really feel your connection. And I appreciate how you really got the heart of the story. Well done, team. Many thanks to you, Mark.

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